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Join Us Queen

  This group is for the everyday black & brown diaspora women. The Mother's, the Wives, the Naturals, the Travelers, the Entrepreneurs, the Wine Lovers, the "Woke", the "Sleep" (Lol, I thought that was cute), the multiple titled ladies that are looking for other positive women of color in all walks of life. No matter which title you claim even if it's all the above (plus some) you are welcomed here!! I'm trying to build a Women's Empowerment Club in making this group that is mostly inclusive. It will be Meetups for all of you Queens in each of these walks of life and more!! I have noticed the lack of groups that cover more than one of the titles if it covers certain titles at all!! For instance, I am a Black Queen that is a Mother, New Wife, Natural, Traveling, Wine Enthusiast that is also an Entrepreneur... Do you see?!?! I want all shapes, sizes and shades. All of the positive personalities that are willing to meet up a few times a month covering the random areas for all of my Queens!! I'm also looking forward to an annual trip big or small!! Sharing our love for life, experiences new and old, suggestions on meetup ideas and trips because together we have a Sistahood!!

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